Versatile engineer with 9 years of professional experience in power systems & alt. energy product development.

  • Mechanical Engineer with expertise in mechanical design, 3D modeling, manufacturing development, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, testing and QA, and renewable energy systems.
  • R&D Program Management leading technical product development for dynamic emerging markets.
  • Project Management organizing multi-disciplinary teams in a fast paced and demanding environment.
  • Product design from concept to field implementation focused on value by harmonizing sound engineering practice, customer needs, and available resources.
  • Dedicated team player finding true satisfaction in collaboration and sharing a unifying vision.
  • Effective and experienced writer and presenter with a wide spectrum of audiences and work scopes.
  • Passionate about developing innovative and elegant solutions to society’s most challenging energy problems.


Software [yrs.]: SolidWorks and Simulation FEA [10], Excel & VBA [8], MS Project [2], LabView [2], FlowWorks [1]

professional credentials

Engineer-in-Training, NCEES Boston, MA 04.2009

Anaerobic Digestion of High Strength Industrial Waste Water, Marquette University Milwaukee, WI 09.2008


Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA 2007

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Concentration in Design Graduated with Distinction, GPA: 3.41


R&D Program ManagerBrayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH 2015-present

  • Technical Direction: Program leadership and mentoring, IP development, market analysis, forming strategic relationships, and technical reporting and presentation.
  • Project Management: Resource management, and budget and schedule development.

Senior Mechanical  EngineerBrayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH 2015-present

Mechanical  EngineerBrayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH 2010-2015

  • Mechanical Design: 3D Modeling, Structural FEA, Tolerance analysis, Design for Manufacture (DFM), FMEA, electro-mechanical tooling design and commissioning, material research and recommendation.
  • Heat Exchanger Design: Thermal fluid modeling, structural and lifing analysis, DFM, test, and commissioning.
  • Test Engineer: Design of experiments, component specification, instrumentation specification, test execution, data reduction, and presentation.
  • Manufacturing optimization: Cost projection analysis, market and manufacturing research, and cost reduction strategies.
  • Manufacturing Specification: Vacuum furnace brazing, PAW/TIG welding, stamping/forming, casting, CNC machining, EDM, Laser Weld/Cut.
  • Code Implementation: ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code VIII, IX; Power Piping B31.1, B31.3; ASCE SEI 7.

Mechanical & Process Engineer, Feed Resource Recovery Inc. Boston, MA 2008-2009

  • Process engineer: Bio-reactor process design (5000 gal.), P&ID development, EPC support, and commissioning.
  • Test engineer: Bio-reactor process design (500 gal. & lab), automate process equipment, and demonstrate automation strategy.
  • Communicated with vendors and industry professionals to produce system architecture document for planned $18M full scale facility
  • Participated in business development meetings, customer relations and development of company core values
  • Participated in interviewing, evaluating, hiring and managing new employees

Design Engineer, Design Communications Ltd. Boston, MA 2007-2008

  • Staff engineer for signage projects ranging $150k-$250k.
  • Delivered AutoCAD 2D/3D shop drawings with attention to design for fabrication and installation; and meeting local structural safety, UL, and NEC codes.


Commercialization of a Flexible Pipe Coupler for Molten Salt, Brayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH 10.2015 – present

Principal Investigator for a $1.5M DOE program directing a team of engineers, fabricators, suppliers, and consultants to develop and deliver an enabling technology critical for the advancement of concentrating solar power systems.

Key Achievements:

  • Conducted full product performance demonstration in laboratory setting at full operating conditions.
  • Empirically validated numerical models with fully instrumented test article for temperature, pressure, and strain measurement.
  • Defended 30% OPEX reduction over current state-of-the art-technology through rigorous technical performance comparison and market study.
  • Established and maintained strategic relationships with industry end users, technical resources, and suppliers.
  • Developing molten nitrate salt test loop for final product demonstration.

Heat Exchanger Development Lead, Brayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH Ongoing

Oversee design, build, and test of high temperature heat exchangers for gas turbine based vehicles and stationary power generation.

Key Achievements:

  • Delivered over 15 unique contract HEX systems, totaling over $3M, which met performance metrics.
  • Commissioned an industry first gas turbine powered hybrid-electric Class 8 truck partnering with a leading heavy truck manufacturer.
  • Realized 20% process cost reduction over previous product generation through implementing pivotal product architecture advancement.
  • Developed elevated temperature flow test to tease out dimensionless parameters of HEX extended surfaces.
  • Designed and implemented electromechanical production tooling and processes, including automated welding system with demonstrated 3x throughput improvement over existing system.
  • Drive equipment purchases and process improvement through data driven cost analyses and supplier relations.

Heat Exchanger Pilot Production Facility, Brayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH Ongoing

Developed prototypical HEX into commercial product through streamlining design, advancing manufacturing methods, and organizing supply chain.

Key Achievements:

  • Delivered first 10 units demonstrating 50% production cost reduction using recommended architecture and advanced manufacturing practices.
  • Established relationships with suppliers and managed development of critical processing techniques including sheet metal forming, fin gear rolling, vacuum furnace brazing, EDM, and CNC machining.
  • Supported technology transfer to client and managed continued support through product launch.

Heat Exchanger Cost Modeling Development, Brayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH Ongoing

Compile a material and manufacturing cost database and develop a simple user interface to project production costs and optimize design.

Key Achievements:

  • Compile a comprehensive database of raw material costs, manufacturing rates and costs, and direct labor process steps.
  • Develop a simple front end user interface.
  • Research relevant advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment. Incorporate process updates, rates, and cost info into cost projections.

Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage (UCAES) System Design Hampton, NH 7.2014

Designed an underwater air containment system and associated power conversion system with defensible economic viability in the energy storage market.

Key Contributions:

  • Presented system level design for a cost competitive, high TRL, grid scale gas turbine energy storage system.
  • Managed several multinational ocean engineering consultants to produce a comprehensive technical report.
  • Presented results to Hawaiian Electric Company to consider for their future energy portfolio.

Google X Re<C Brayton CSP Tower, Brayton Energy, LLC Hampton, NH 8.2010

Develop a compressed air solar receiver to absorb concentrated solar flux in compressed air with an operating life of >40,000 hours.

Key Contributions:

  • Develop accelerated life test on compressed air tubes to simulate high flux conditions (20 W/cm2 @ 1000C) and abrupt flux change events (cloud event).
  • Develop packaging and high pressure hot ducting for a multiplexed recuperator bank.

Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion System, Feed Resource Recovery Boston, MA 2.2008 – 9.2008

Developed automated anaerobic digestion system to process 250 kg/day food waste to produce biogas and fertilizer.

Key Achievements:

  • Upheld contract to process all food waste of a major regional supermarket with first demonstration unit.
  • Helped secure critical funding after demonstrating sustained biogas to electric conversion to key investors.
  • Designed and implemented high reliability systems for material handling and process monitoring available for 24/7 remote operation.
  • Process and technology developed implemented in the Kroger Recovery System in Los Angeles, CA.

Razor Drop Testing Device, Gillette Inc. Worcester, MA 2007

Design and develop a system to repeatably drop, measure and record impact forces on Gillette’s full line of razors within $10k budget. System designed, fabricated, tested and presented to Gillette within 7-week deadline.

High-Speed Bottle Laner, E&J Gallo Wineries Modesto, CA 2007

Design, prototype, and test mechanism to address maintenance issues with existing system. Managed project from definition, conceptual through detailed design, fabrication, testing and cost/benefit analysis within $15k budget. Utilized complex cam design, servo motion control and rapid prototyping.

Clean Energy Research, Merton Dept. of Environment and Regeneration London, England 2006

Conducted research on clean energy technology for the Chief Environment Officer and Oxford University. Presented tools and recommendations to Merton policy makers for integration of technologies with existing urban infrastructure. The Czech Republic Department of Regional Development adopted project deliverable.

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