about-pictureStudent of Life.

The most important lesson I’ve learned in my 25 years of being a student is simple: I don’t know anything.

This philosophy has made it easy to learn. Every day I spend admitting how little I really know makes knowledge permeate through my eyes, ears, mouth, nose, shoulders, knees and toes with a little less resistance. And besides, isn’t that the great paradox of science? Answer 1 question and uncover 1000 more questions; it becomes very apparent how little we really know.

I invite you to explore with me how little I know. Maybe somewhere in here we’ll figure something out. Maybe not. But in either case, we will definitely learn along the way.

Quantum Mechanics is a good Scientific theory precisely because it is falsifiable and the same can be said to be the case for General and Special Relativity when beyond certain boundary conditions they all becomes false. That which is falsifiable is Science! That which is True may Not be Science at all! Such is the paradox humanity has created!” – Karl Popper

Sure things will sound bad or good but really what the main goal is when you pick up a guitar, a bass, vocals or even the drums; one thing you learn it, as soon [as you] start there is no end to what you will learn.” – Mike K.

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