Google RE<C Brayton CSP Engine

Google Brayton CSP

Project: Google RE<C Brayton Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Engine and Receiver

Duration: 7.2010 – 10.2011

Client: Google, Inc.

Synopsis: As part of Google’s RE<C initiative to explore concentrated solar power, Brayton energy provided design and engineering support to develop a solar flux receiver and a 900kW Brayton cycle engine. Some of the key challenges stemmed from the life analysis of the solar receiver. Providing a design that can meet the lifetime requirements of a power system required a deep understanding of thermomechanical and oxidation properties of alloys and engineered ceramics. The design requirements demanded in-house material testing and collaboration with advanced alloy and ceramic suppliers and with universities and national laboratories. This lead to the development of a test program dedicated to exploring material creep-fatigue interaction at high temperature (1000C) and pressure (10 Bar).

For  a detailed walk through of the project, Google has released concise project debrief in the links shown below.

System Summary



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