MathCAD Analysis

MathCAD is used to mathematically model and check the design. All CAD modeling is based on mathematical analysis.

Optimizing laner contour: moving bottles as gently as possible.

Sizing the drive system: how much torque do we need to spin the Jimboid?

Stress Analysis: Let us not break the Jimboid when we make it spin around 35 million times.

Optimizing Laner Contour

To add to the upgrade of the old system, cam design methodology is used to smooth out the bottle translation.

Sizing Drive System

Because the timing is a crucial element to the success of the system, analysis of the camoid’s rotational properties is conducted. Torque and angular acceleration requirements provide guidelines for servo motor power necessities. In this case, an old servo from the ‘graveyard’ was used to power the prototype laner. We used this analysis to understand if the servo would provide adequate power and if so, how future laner models could be optimized; using a smaller servo for example.

Stress Analysis

With required torque known, we must then analyze the stresses on the camoid and shaft when subject to the cyclic torque. This stresss analysis leads us to be able to properly size the shaft, and thus the chassis, and the drive system and bearing componentry.

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