Welcome my online portfolio of the professional life I’ve lead thus far.

Please use the links below to see my online resume and my career timeline. Use the timeline as a complement to the resume to see the chronology of career projects and milestones. Skill trends indicate the relative improvement in several general disciplines. Projected skill trends are indicative of aspirations.

Online Resume


Project Work

Below are some of the projects in which I’ve been involved from college theses to commercial products. Many are not shown here due to certain conflicts of interest.

Google RE<C Brayton CSP Engine


Goal Statement: Develop a concentrating solar power system based on an open Brayton cycle that utilizes mature gas turbine technology for high reliability, long lifetime, and minimizing costs. The scope includes engine and solar receiver design and development.

Organic Waste-to-Energy


Goal Statement: Design a system to offer supermarkets onsite organic waste management and electricity production. The system shall be a ‘plug-and-play’ package delivered using standard rigging and freight procedures. The system shall operate autonomously, be capable of remote monitoring and control, and provide data collection and analysis.

Razor Drop Test System



Goal Statement: Design a reliable razor drop-test device that will enable control of the geometric orientation of the product and measure the energy of the impact.


Bottle Laner



Goal Statement: Design a means of splitting one high-speed single-file line of bottles into two independent single-file lines that reduces downtime and maintenance costs of current installed system.

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