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I want to take a moment out of my life and discuss a new music phenomenon, Thru-You. Mixing and sampling YouTube, Kutiman has his website and has also shared his work on YouTube. Posted to youtube on March 7, 2009 his most popular video has been viewed over 500,000 times

Broadcasting Talent: Then

(Fast forward through music history to just shy of recording technology in america) The history of sharing talent with your world started with writing sheet music and playing the piano. If you were ok, you played for family. If you were good, you played at your church. Damn good, you’d play at the concert hall. The best of the best could tour and your name crawled over the land at a speed rivaled only by the Ford Model T.

As technology increased, music was able to be recorded onto vinyl discs and other media, distributed and played in the household. The best of music could now be etched in history, granted you were a stellar musician and had the stroke of luck that recording industry folk liked you well enough to pay you to play and then push your records through the airwaves or over the newly forming interstate highway system.

For years, musical talent maintained its position on a pedestal, casting a shadow of elitism. The ‘talent’ is paid well and the music industry bank accounts fill fast. The sound of music is guarded closely with Intellectual Property police and new talent is bred by a few industry scouts. There remained a sort of no-mans-land between recognizable success and raw unadulterated talent; being successfully crossed by precious few who happened to be at the right place and the right time.

The product that did percolate through the filter of the music industry to the heart of the people was no doubt amazing, profound (and infinity more adjectives) and shaped the world as we know it, but represented a fraction of the talent and passion present at any one period of time.

Broadcasting Talent: Now

We all know that file sharing, streaming media and increased personal webspace have changed music commerce. We’ve seen the influence of Moore’s law as personal computers and editing software has changed music production. In the latest generation of musicians, remix, mash-up, sample, loop, share, upload and download have become common terminology.

Objectively speaking, musicians utilizing samples and loops use another persons music arranged in time and space to create a new piece of art. Viewed in this sense, the sample becomes analogous to a musical note and looping brings a song to life moving the sample to a rhythm. The new song is in a form that

lends itself to be shared easily and ubiquitously on the social media web, soon broadcast to networks of friends and foes on facebook, myspace and of course, YouTube.

This method of music production no doubt has been viewed as copyright infringement, some say its not true music and lacks an element of creativity and knowledge that is inherent to ‘traditional’ music. There is much discussion on the topic of intellectual property and modern music production; from Lessig to Steal this Film its clear that times are achangin’ and the rules are just going to have to follow.

Broadcast Your Talent

Catering to the context of this post I will define youtube as a platform that allows anyone with a camera to share their talent with the world. It allows the portrayal of raw talent directly from the individual broadcast to the world. In the world of music on youtube, people have been recognized and celebrated because of their talent or ability or emotion. The magnitude of recognition transcends the tact of a good manager or clever marketing campaign. One famous example is the young Korean who posted his rendition of Pachebel’s Canon in D and for a period of time was the most viewed youtube video ever with over 57,000,000 views.

Using the definition of music sampling and looping mentioned earlier, the YouTube video samples become the notes in the song arranged in time to create music. On the surface, this may seem like another sample artist, but I feel that the heart of the music world has been cracked open with Thru-You.

Celebrate Yourself

Kutiman uses the people as his notes. Behind each person is their life, their perception of music. What music is to them. All their musical experiences. All their emotion. Molding them together, he makes a new piece of material; a musical fractal comprised of the experience of the world.

Kutiman brings to life a celebration of the talent of the world. The world mixed and remixed into a new realm. Let us all endulge and celebrate each other as art made from art. Kutiman has not necessarily changed music, but unfurled another new layer, increasing the depth of music and the human experience. Expanded focus on the fractal which is the muscial universe. As time passes, the focus expands and more of the fractal is revealed but still made of everything that it was and continues to be made of what will come.

This is a celebration of humanity. This is a celebration of music. This is a celebration of communication.

I have heard that we must rethink copyright and we must rethink ownership. Kutiman has shown us that we are all owners of the music.

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