My Favorite Season is Summer

I would like to share with you, world, a piece that was written by my brother, Mike.

Mike has been playing bass for 3 years and is part of a local band in his hometown. For over a year he’s been an active martial artist of Uechi-Ryu Karate, and is on a trajectory for his brown belt. He regularly scours his downtown collecting recyclables and properly disposes of them. He is a full time student. Mike is 14 years old, and has convinced me that he is the new vessel of an old and wise soul.

Tell us Mike, what is your favorite season?

My Favorite Season is Summer

My favorite season is summer because there is nice weather were I live. I will go to Boston to spend a knight with my brothers on accessions. There is no unexpected cold weather because the heat would just not allow it. There are a few nice places to now and days. Nice walks are also fun when the snow isn’t traveling up my pants. The farming festivals are also very enchanting to see when all the crops have gotten there recommended amount of food and water.

I normally like the warmth because it just feels very astounding to my whole entire body. The essence of the relief on my muscles is also another one of the reasons why I think it’s so great. I’m saying that because when I go out side I won’t have to tighten up my muscles all the time to keep warm. The humidity is also another thing I love. It is the main thing that can make me burst in to a sudden sweat and make the whole day just that more relaxing. On cretin days I some times like to just turn on my radio and crank the volume up so loud and will see if I can get on top of my roof for the thrilling view of the whole town and scream BEAUTIFUL.

On some accessions during the summer break I even go to Boston. Home of my brother who turns cow poop into energy and my other brother who happens to be a pot smoking hippie. It’s all good though. Things actually turn out to be so fine that it makes me feel like a man who can touch the bottom the sea with his bear hands without the eradication of the water sinking in to my lungs. There is also some nice places to go like Mr. music that sells this extraordinary amount of guitars, drums and every thing else in between that makes your ears rattle with some of the most relevant sounds known in the history of man. There’s also a place somewhere close to my brothers that gives you a fibulas’ dish covered with Asian food that is sold at great price that also taste like an angle has gave you the gift of life rite on the tip of tongue and the place has some of the nicest people I have ever laid eyes on of cores I’m talking about the Mount Everest Kitchen. There is also this thing we do when we come back from a walk, a bite to eat, or what ever the heck we were doing 5 seconds ago! What we do is that when we get home is play music; yep you heard it right we all get out the guitars and what not and just listen to what we have been working on while we haven’t seen each other. Sure things will sound bad or good but really what the main goal is when you pick up a guitar, a bass, vocals or even the drums one thing you learn it that as soon start there is no end to what you will learn.

One of the other things that I like is that is know unexpected cold. I say that be cause I don’t normally like the cold that much compared to the heat. I don’t like it because the weather is just so dry during the winter that more half the time when I wanna go out side I normally don’t have what it takes to go out and deal with the cold breeze getting whipped across my face. One more thing is that when I go out side the snow is very annoying because what a lot of people do is not shovel up there part of side walk it really starts to agitate me that these people cant do a simple thing as just shovel the snow so that people can walk on the side walk instead of right smack-dab in the middle of the rode.

Also on actions when the weather hasn’t been picky about what it’s going to throw at you. The farmers market can start to open up on Thursdays near the tennis court or near the veteran’s monument. You should see the stuff that these red necks make with using mostly there bear hands. A few of the things I saw there were the makings of fine wooden sculptures made from some type of wood. I also think it’s a great place to go shopping but I only recommend it if your hungry for food that is freshly picked right off a tree or a 100% naturally made tee with a little room for oven baked pie in the end. They also play some pretty good folk music down there that adds a pretty crunchy groove to the market and really just gives me a chance to something new other than rock, alternative and a whole bunch of others so if you like what I said. I would recommend that you check it out and see what you think of it.

Some of the other things that you can do are mainly take nice walk around the town. You can actually start to see the place that the whole town in north Plymouth and figure out the place we call. It can actually be a fun place for anyone but that’s only access to you if your wiling home if your whiling to spend some time in your shoes and get off your behind. What I mainly do is just walk around the whole town to see if there is anything new happening because if you put some time in to walking in random places chances are you will have some luck and run in to a show a carnival or even a tourist attraction. Personally I like to wonder in to some unknown place with my thoughts running up the side of my head and just don’t think about anything until I’ve reached the end and learned something new about the place.

Now I just taught you a few reasons why i like summer and what i do during it but even when there is just all of this commotion going on there is something else I like to do. Swimming. Well you heard it right i like to swim in a nice pond ocean pool or even an ocean. I’m saying this because when I hit warm or cool water and get to deeper levels I feel like I’m floating! No Im dead series I feel like im walking on the moon when im able to do a flip while my head is deeply buried under a few feet of water. Its really assume because there is even a good amount of sight seeing when your able to make out that there is fish swimming beneath your feet doing what they do best. Just swimming around looking for food, love and shelter. This all starts to make you feel like you’re in a different world because you have almost nothing on you, you feel like your fly when your belly is not on the ground and when I cant breath I end up trying to figure out if the beauty i see before me is really there or i just stayed down there for so long that i just past out from the lack of oxygen.

Well. I can’t think of any else because I probably just said every thing or I’ve just forgot what else happens during the summer but all i can say now is? Bye! There’s nothing else to say.

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