Efficiency Efficacy

With so much talk now of efficient personal transportation, it is an issue that remains on my mind throughout most of the day. Regarding personal transportation, I think most often of cars vs. bicycles. In past posts I’ve praised bicycles for being the most efficient means of transportation as well as the least expensive. However, […]


Leave ‘em Be

Ahhh, Autumn in New England, the pleasant transition between the hot sticky summer and the bitter biting winter. Put on your sweatshirt because August is over and only the brave continue their barbecues this deep into the calendar year. Burn the last of your Yankee Coconut Bay to make room for Pumpkin Pie. Here, the […]

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Who knows?

No one knows. The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. -Socrates Its a phenomenon that not many want to admit, and those that do are infinity steps ahead of those who think they know. True, it is a hard thing to admit that you are a tiny globule of experience in something […]


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Hulk is Powered by Big Macs

Super powers are sweet. You’d be hard up trying to find someone to disagree, and if you did find someone, it wouldn’t take long to persuade them in agreeing about how sweet superpowers really are. I’ve had dreams and fantasies about having superpowers, I also have my own super secret superpower desire that maybe I’ll […]

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I recently attended a conference at which some of the premiere philologist present their work, discuss ideas and network within the close-knit group of intellectuals what was described by Matthew Restall as an “incestuous community” of academics. This is a far cry from my educational background and some of the discussion flew over my head, […]

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Information Filtration

In the world we live in, we have access to too much information. Too much in the sense that we could never reasonably analyze and digest all the information to which we are exposed. It has become extremely important to be able to filter the information. Google has become an invaluable tool in doing so. […]

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Have you ever wondered about the marketing industry and how they’re masters of conviction and condescension? Tricksters who tickle your most primal instincts provoking you to spend resources on things and stuff that you really don’t need. Convincing you that you are NOTHING without them or their product; you are at fault and you need […]

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My Favorite Season is Summer

I would like to share with you, world, a piece that was written by my brother, Mike. Mike has been playing bass for 3 years and is part of a local band in his hometown. For over a year he’s been an active martial artist of Uechi-Ryu Karate, and is on a trajectory for his […]

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It’s a Celebration!

I want to take a moment out of my life and discuss a new music phenomenon, Thru-You. Mixing and sampling YouTube, Kutiman has his website www.thru-you.com and has also shared his work on YouTube. Posted to youtube on March 7, 2009 his most popular video has been viewed over 500,000 times Broadcasting Talent: Then (Fast […]

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City Bicyclode

I want to ride my bicycle! Oh bicycle, you are a beautiful machine. So simple, a highly efficient human powered vehicle with two wheels. You have quite the history don’t you, and how you have matured! We can take you anywhere now; down a snowy mountain, through dingy city alleys, even across the country. Your […]